Friday, July 15, 2011

Levan City Cemetery

I visited the Levan City Cemetery recently and took this picture of the headstone of Soren and Alvina Christensen (my grandfather and grandmother).  I also took a picture of their home as it is today, 2011.
Their house consisted of:  entering the front door I would talk into the living room.  The kitchen would be to the rear of the house on the right side with a pantry off the kitchen.

Also from the front door to the right would be a bedroom.  This belonged to Soren and Alvina.  Behind the living room was a small "walk through" bedroom and into the bathroom.  This was the entire of the house.  Off to the rear of the house was a cellar and in the back, picture not available, was a barm and etc.

Many good times were spent in the living room playing cards with the family and extended family and also just visiting.

When I came into the family and as I remember, Soren has died the year I was born.  Alvina had broke her hip and was in a bed in the living room.  Their daughter, Vinnie, and son Angus cared for the home and Alvina.  Vinnie's bedroom was the large one to the right upon entering the home and Angus took the small walk through bedroom. 

They both lived in the home after their mother, Alvina, passed away and also have passed away and the home has been sold to someone else.

Christensen headstone at Levan City Cemetery

Front of Soren and Alvina's house

Back of Soren and Alvina's house

Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Pictures

Alvin and James Christensen (brothers)